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There is a place for everyone in Manufacturing

While there are a lot of good providers of STEM workshops, here at Marvelous Manufacturing we believe the focus on STEM excludes a lot of students who are more creative.

Which is why we tailor our workshops to provide a balanced and informative overview of all of the career options available within Manufacturing and show young people that there is indeed a place for everyone regardless of ability.

It's not just about STEM

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We can provide Manufacturing workshops for all ages.

Whether you just need an hour or a full day, our interactive workshops will be sure to engage and inform your students.

Each workshop is tailored to meet the needs of your students and the Gatsby Benchmarks.

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Apprenticeship Sessions

December and January are always busy periods for Careers Leaders with the focus being on those students who are applying for Uni places.

For this, we have our Apprenticeship Sessions. They are designed to provide your students with information, advice and help on applying for apprenticeships during this period.

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Term-Time Projects

Understanding how lessons relate to real working life is often quite difficult for students.

Our projects have been written to address this problem. Run for the whole of the Autumn term we will work with your tutors to help them deliver the project which meets Gatsby Benchmarks.

Don't take our work for it - hear what our clients have to say!

KE Grammar School

I'm sure many went away with awareness, knowledge and interest which they didn't have before

SUN Outreach

The feedback from the students has been extremely positive, they found the event really useful to understand different career opportunities and thoroughly enjoyed the practical activities within the 'Making a Biscuit' workshop

Mrs K

Just wanted to say a huge Thank you for giving up your time for today. I think it went really well and believe that the majority of the students will have gained something from it.

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