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Largest jet engine in the world

This is the largest jet engine in the world. Nearing completion at Rolls-Royce's Derby site, the UltraFan® demonstrator will be tested at the aerospace manufacturer’s new £90m Testbed 80 facility later this year. (Courtesy of Stuart Whitehead Founder Jefferson Group)

What is Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is the art of turning raw materials into usable products. It touches every part of our life, from the bed you wake up in, to the breakfast cereal you eat, the car you go to school in, the football you kick around the playground and the games console you play when you get home. Everyone of those items has been imagined, designed, tested, built marketed and sold.

What are the career options?

Where do we even start!

While we hear a lot about STEM and Engineering, which plays a big part in Manufacturing, there are also many other different types of roles and careers routes, which support manufacturing production that you might want to look at.

Diagram of options available Production building

Interested in becoming an Engineer but not sure what type of Engineer you can be?

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