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Impressive air show

What do you think of when you see the word Aerospace?

Aerospace as the word suggests relates to anything which goes up into the air - a rocket to Mars, a plane to Dubai, a helicopter to rescue someone stuck on a mountain.

Whilst many manufacturers work on commercial applications a good many more will be involved in Space and Defence such as satellites and military.

Around the UK there are hundreds of SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) business who play a major part in manufacturing and supplying parts to bigger companies such as Airbus. The parts they make may not look particularly interesting but they are incredibly important and without these small business and their employees and apprentices, we wouldn't be able to put satellites into space or fly planes abroad.

Who are Airbus?

Each of the divisions – Airbus, Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence and Space – leads their respective market, relying on diverse skills, advanced technologies and facilities, that can only be found in the UK, across more than 25 sites stretching across the country from Aberdeen to Portsmouth.

The UK, with its global influence in the aerospace, defence, space and security sectors, remains an important part of Airbus; much as Airbus remains an important part of the UK – with local revenues of £4.4 billion.

Today, Airbus is the largest commercial aerospace company in the UK, as well as its biggest civil aerospace exporter. All wings on Airbus commercial aircraft are designed in the UK and the majority built in North Wales.

Airbus Helicopters is a major supplier of helicopters to the civil, defence and air ambulance sectors in the UK and is a key supplier to the Ministry of Defence.

Airbus is also the UK’s largest space company, a world-leader in cyber security, and the biggest supplier of large aircraft to the RAF, through the A400M Atlas and the A330 MRTT Voyager.