Inspiring young people of today, to be the manufacturers of tomorrow

Students discovering something new

We don't manufacture in this country anymore, do we?

Oh yes we do!

Born out of a passion to encourage more young people to consider a career in manufacturing, we work with UK Manufacturers to showcase their amazing business and help them to engage with Schools, Colleges and Universities, creating that valuable link to their future workforce.

We also work with Associations, Institutes, Training Providers and Organisations within the UK to provide them with Engineering and Manufacturing workshops which their members can take into Schools or we can deliver on their behalf.

Our Mission

We have an amazing Manufacturing industry in the UK. The days of dirty old mills and grimy workplaces have gone and in their place we see clean automated work places whose output is worth £183 billion to the UK economy and provide 2.5 million jobs.

Our mission is to break down the stigma of the "bad old days" and bring to life the amazing and innovative progress that touches every part of our lives.

We will engage with Schools, Colleges and Universities on behalf of our Manufacturing Partners promoting the amazing career options available

We will share their videos and story's to showcase technology, innovation and entrepreneurship

We will support Careers Leaders and Business Engagement Managers with valuable resource.

We will show students how they can be the future of UK Manufacturing.